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VIDEO: Understanding the Internet Fail!!

Forget the Rainbowman. Kerligirl13 is the newest internet meme. Kerligirl13 is a young girlnamed Jessi Slaughter between the aproximate age of 11-14 that has been known as a “slut”, “white trash”, a “whore”, a “baby”, […]

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George Takei Really Likes the New Picture on His Sharp TV

This makes so much more sense. Hope there are better and funnier ones coming up!

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Malaysia: Okay to be Gay in a Movie but Only if Character ’Repents’

“Film-makers can depict homosexuals for the first time in strictly censored Malaysia – so long as they repent or even go straight in the end, an industry group said Monday… ” Malaysia, a country with such great people […]

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H&M Store Destroys Unsold Clothing, Throws It Away From what I learned, H&M has a HORRIBLE workplace culture.. Staffs are like sweatshop laborers, technology and POS systems are 20 years old, they do not even have an online store, and still relying […]

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