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The Dangers of Butt Sex

Wendy Ho singing about the well known dangers of anal sex and how to avoid a chocolate banana!

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Whitney Houston Meets ’the Ring’

This is a girl lip syncing Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’. Although her performances around the world remind you a little bit of that show, this is by far the creepiest version I […]

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Darth Vader’s Part Time Job

Found this on Twitter, and can’t stop watching it. It seems to be a commercial by TomTom, the GPS hardware producer.It becomes even more funny the more I keep watching it! I would have never […]

Wisdome Teeth Girl

First fo all, I’m sorry thsi video cannot be embedded…. Anyways, I nearly peed my pants when seeing this video for the first time. I want what she got. I too want to see unicorns! […]

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Dragonette at Lolapalooza 2010

she is awesome! would be great to invite her to your show, if  she is in town anyway.

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Cute Daft Punk Guys

I found this video on youtube, and  was mighty impressed by it! Those two guys are really doing a good job, although the intro is a bit cheesy! Anyway, this looks like a good workout, […]

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British Humour With Cats

This webpage is one of the most disturbing, yet funny homepages I’ve ever seen. I was browsing on Youtube, when I found an episode of Graham Norton, where he showed this bizarre homepage. The pictures […]

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Burke and Hare

Simon Pegg, director and actor of ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Hot Fuzz’, ‘Run Fat Boy, Run’ and loads of other brilliant films and TV Shows made a new film, called ‘Burke and Hare’. The film […]

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Mr. Gay 2009 Europe

Here is one of the funniest and probably naivest TV presenters I’ve ever seen, but I just love her Norwegian accent and the guys she interviews are kinda cute, too.

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Acceptance Speech by a Very Drunk Mariah Carey

This is by far the funniest Mariah Carey I’ve ever seen. Go Girl!!!!!! Mariah Carey was holding her accaptence speech at the Palm Springs  International Film Festival for the film Push she is in. She […]

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