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Fausto knows that those machines are called EFT, Electronic Funds Transfer I didn’t know that untill I became a cashier. » More

On FOF #627 – There’s a Fire in My Pants

I have read that book, It is, how do I put this? Interesting. Great Coffee table book… » More

On FOF #625 – Hungry for More

This is it, the last comment in the comment a ton It was a good comment a ton i think, but I kind of got busy and... » More

On FOFA #365 – Quarter Turns for Everyone!

The tasty zine is BACK!!! » More

On Shingo Mama, “Oha Rock”: Drag for Kids

Alas I am trying to keep up with the show but college papers take precedent. Still trying to comment everyday though. I am sure your live podcast was... » More

On FOF #622 – Baby Can Dance