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They’re both porn stars. The one talking at the beginning is Randy Blue’s Chip Tanner. He has several “gender equality” videos on his YouTube... » More

On VIDEO: Exercising for Gender Equality

It wasn’t bad. He sounds just like many other impersonators: overdoing it on the MJ vocal-isms. But decent job. » More

On VIDEO: Amazing Taxi Driver in Brazil Sings Like Michael Jackson

Michael is spinning in his grave right now. » More

On VIDEO: “We Are the World” Sung By Comedians

They’re gay porn stars. Of course they’re hot! 🙂 » More

On VIDEO: Youtube Inequality- A Hot Response!

When I watch it, she looks down to see what happened. In the unaired footage, you see her cover up and she has this look... » More

On FOF #1140 – Lift American Spirits