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Gold’s Gym Gives $2M to Karl Rove to Elect Anti-Gay Politicians

Everyone has a favorite machine at the gym, whether it’s the elliptical trainer, the pec deck, the ab machine, or the leg curl. For Robert Rowling, the CEO of the company that owns Gold’s Gym, […]

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Taylor Swift ∞ Songs for Douching

Why is it that whenever I hear a Taylor Swift song I’m reminded of feminine hygiene ads?

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Gay GOP Group Sponsors Conservative Political Conference, Not Allowed to Speak at It

This month, conservative gay rights group GOProud announced that it would sponsor this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). But the group’s inclusion has led to a backlash from the anti-gay right, some of whom […]

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On FOF #1377 – Schock and Awe

Ryan, This was very eloquently and fairly stated, and especially brave given your employment at Target. I hope people do realize the distinction between protesting Target as... » More

On A Target Team Member’s Open Letter To Target, its CEO, & Those Protesting on Saturday.