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Personally I like Feast of Fools better, the name doesn’t sound as generic as “Feast of Fun”. Not to mention, EVERYBODY asks about it when they see... » More

On Say Hello to Feast of Fun

Great show, but for some reason I remember Taft having a collection of women’s shoes being in the mix. Can’t remember where that rumor weed... » More

On FOF #933 – Presidents’ Gay

I love Alpana, can’t wait to hear all of the show! Sandra Lee is great, just for the WTF factor. She’s hilarious, the tablescapes that cost... » More

On FOF #928 – Wines to Make Your Love Grow

Great episode guys. I’ll admit, it is hard to watch the transformation that the Muppets and Sesame Street have gone through since Jim Henson’s death.... » More

On FOF #926 – Sesame Street Cred

Great singing Tracy » More

On FOF #923 – Spring Awakening