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My Head Just Exploded

Best Halloween costume ever?

Posted in: Culture & Style, Images 13 years ago 10

Haters Gotta Hate…Gay Penguins

The book “And Tango Makes Three,” the story of two male penguins who raised a baby penguin chick tops the list of banned books. Sad, so very sad.

Posted in: Animals, Books 13 years ago 0

Abstinence Works!

In the train wreck that we know and love as the Palin family, Bristol is heartbroken to discover that Levi can’t keep it in his pants. Surprise!

Posted in: People, Politics & Activism 14 years ago 0

Skid Marks Protect Your Cash

I couldn’t believe that Sears would sell something like this, but I must admit it should be effective!

Posted in: Culture & Style 14 years ago 1

Japanese Inventor Builds Fembot

At roughly $48,000 (current exchange rate), is it  fully functional?

Posted in: Technology 15 years ago 4

Male Pseudohermaphrodism Hits Gaza

A rare genetic defect that leads to a deficiency of a hormone (17-B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase) has led to an unusually high number of males born with hidden genitalia. At birth, these males are thought to be […]

Posted in: Health & Wellness 15 years ago 1



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