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such an excellent show!!! you two are such pros! you milked her for all she had, haha. i tell ya, your skills have been... » More

On FOF #1409 – We Love Mo’Nique

about the Manila and Shangela coupling… actually Manila and Sahara (season 2 contestant i think) are a couple. I think they are adorable together. ... » More

On FOF #1394 – Weiner Roast

wow, i was enthralled! what a great episode. thanks tim for being so courageous and sharing your experience. keep it up marc and... » More

On FOF #1390 – Strangers in the Night

Excellent podcast today. I loved hearing all the behind the scenes DIRT. AND Charpentier is a cutie. » More

On FOF #1386 – Divas, Drag Queens and Tornadoes

wow i was fascinated by today’s interview. i’ve always loved american gothic but i wasn’t aware that grant wood was gay. adolescence is my... » More

On FOF #1288 – American Gothic’s Gay Roots