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PHOTO: Border Patrol Officers Hold Hands

China and Pakistan have very close ties which is reflected by two patrol officers taking intimate photos together. The picture is not doctored and was tweeted on China’s social media.

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VIDEO: Male Bonding

Wanna make those miliary boys stick together, gay or straight? Do what the Chinese military does- Throw them out in a cold night without any clothese on. See how they cuddle and rub each other […]

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Link to the Burlesque Boy

Talking about Internet sensorship, China is more open queer wise than USA. Here is the video of that Burlesque asian boy on one of the Chinese video site.

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It was from the painter’s microblog posting. He posted many his paintings on the site and you can see larger photos. here is the link. » More

On Male Nude Oild Painting by a Young Chinese Artist

You would be surprised to see how open and free the Chinese social networks are these days. As long as you are not organizing any public... » More

On VIDEO: Male Bonding