FOF #102 – Keywords: Terrorism, Puppies

Jun 6, 2005 · 1985 views

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Amanda Steintein, the lovable Jewish trannie guest stars on todays show. Listen to her interpretation of recently discovered ancient lesbian poetry, our recap on President Bush’s fear-mongering speech (which mentions the word terrorism 34 times), […]


  1. Andrew Banderas says:

    Hey Feast of Fun just wanted to say I love the podcast I am a new listener. It’s great to see all the hard work that is so evident in your podcasts and lacking that other LGBT podcast which don’t even scratch the surface. But hey I was wondering what was the ending song to this podcast or where could I find it. Sounds French, you mentioned the artist (Clarisi Esage??) but her name is foreign and hard to make out when typing and google is not any help or shazam and sound hound :(. That song is amazing and I’d love to hear more of her! I know this podcast is 8 years back but I would appreciate any help. Thanks again for all that you do! A very happy listener :j

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