FOF #2547 – Who Really Let the Dogs Out?

Oct 31, 2017 · 574 views

When music history becomes a form of art. Ben Sisto next to the Baha Men and their iconic hit album cover “Who Let the Dogs Out?” Photos: Ben Sisto, S-Curve/Artemis Records.

In survey after survey people have named “Who Let the Dogs Out” as one of the most annoying songs of all time. The Baha Men’s song only reached number 40 on the Billboard charts but the song’s licensing to movies, karaoke dolls, and to sports stadiums made it one of the most heavily marketed songs in history. Nobody could escape the outing of the dogs.

The catchy hook of “Who Let the Dogs Out” has a long history dating from an early 90s jam track that went on to become a radio bumper before it morphed into a Junkaroo dance song that was eventually covered by the Baha Men to become the radio hit everyone loves to hate.

What is Who Let the Dogs Out really all about?

Our guest today is music enthusiast Ben Sisto who fell down the rabbit hole and came out the other side with his multi-media presentation “Who Let Who Let the Dogs Out Out” which tells the amazing story of this one hit wonder.

Listens as we talk about Steve Greenberg, the man behind many of the one hit wonders of the day, all the lawsuits that followed and what do musicians do when they grow weary of that one song that overwhelms their lives?

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