FOF #2850 – Silver, Sexy and Sixty-Nine

Apr 1, 2020 · 2086 views

Sexy silver daddies and grandpa’s: Irvin Randle, Garrett Swann, Louis Weisberg, Paul Mason and Dwayne Johnson.

As we see gay folks living longer, there’s a new found appreciation for silver daddies and even grandpas as sex symbols.

But even though Dwayne Jonson and Paul Mason make aging look delicious, getting older isn’t always as sexy as it looks- your back hurts, the D don’t work and the text size on your phone is now set to “billboard.”

Today, gay publishing pioneer and now comedian Louis Weisberg joins us to look at aging and raging gracefully. What are the never ending ways your body betrays you and how to ride the rapids when going into your golden girls years?


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