Matt Claussen: Coaching Bodybuilders for Success

Feb 20, 2024 · 1985 views

Matt Claussen and Fausto Fernós, photos: Matt Claussen, Fausto Fernós and Mark Welch.

We live during an extraordinary time for building muscle. What started out over a hundred years ago as a theatrical curiosity has grown to become a sport and art form that has millions of people pumping iron all around the world.

And while genetics certainly plays a factor, from Hollywood to your friends at the gym, there are more jacked up folks around these days than ever. How do they do it?

Let’s Grow Big Together! The podcast that starts off wearing a hoodie, then takes it off to reveal the pumped muscle hiding underneath.

Today my coach Matt Claussen, powerlifting and bodybuilding legend, joins us to look back on my winning the silver in Classic Physique Masters Division at the NPC Mid American Winter Classic 2023, the content that had the jacked up Santa Claus mascot warning us “Winter is Coming.”

What are the attributes of successful bodybuilding athletes and coaches?

Marc Felion, Fausto Fernós and Matt Claussen backstage at the NPC Mid-American Winter Classic 2023. Photo: Marc Felion

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it. Posting with Matt Claussen at America’s Gym in Wheeling, IL.


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