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FOF #2727 – When Oprah Dyed the Chicago River The Color Purple

Nowadays it seems all of the popular April Fools Day jokes are just awful Internet memes or brand marketing, leaving us to wonder what happened to all the great pranks of yesteryear?

Today Amanda Cohen joins us to look at April Fool’s Day pranks then and now, from our early days as Feast of Fools where we convinced folks that Oprah was going to dye the Chicago River the Color Purple to when Amanda crushed people’s hearts by announcing she had gotten too famous for this podcast.

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FOF #1555 – April Fools Pranks That Backfire

The problem with pranking people is the blowback. Sure laugh now, but it’s you who will have to clean up the mess afterwards when the lies become the truth.

Join us for the art of the April Fools Day prank and all the hot news- which may or may not be true. See if you can guess!

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Happy 100th Birthday YouTube

Oh those folks at Google are always up to wonderful stuff on April Fool’s Day. To celebrate, YouTube has temporarily launched a 1911 button on all videos that turn your video into an old-time nickelodeon, […]

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VIDEO: Funny or Die April Fools Day Skit

Funny or Dies presents April Fools Day jokes you can play on your friends or unsuspecting yoga classes.

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Time Out Chicago on Andersonville

April 1, 2010 Andersonville to Evulve New markers will pay lip service to Girlstown. Andersonville resident and out activist Pat Bushman recalls her first big encounter with Boystown’s phallic street statues more than ten years […]

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FOF #1166 – Feast of Fabulousness

After a year of using the name Feast of Fun, we’re switching it back to Feast of Fools! Actually we’re changing the name once every year. This year, we’re the Feast of Fabulousness. Today blogger Michael Lehet joins us to take a look at some of the great pranks in history.

In the news: the man who wanted an “IM GAY” license plate in Oklahoma was found dead, LL Cool J calls out Sarah Palin for faking an interview with him, a new study suggests bacon is a drug, and will Queen Joan go viral?

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