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FOF #2923 – Fine Young Cannibals

We were all hoping that 2021 wouldn’t be as terribly twisted as 2020, but in the first week of the new year we got rumors that Kanye West is dating Jeffree Star, Azealia Banks boils her cat, Armie Hammer is into cannibalism, Gays over Covid, Trump’s second impeachment and Republicans invade the Capitol building to overthrow Democracy.

Today we’re back with a vengeance to take a look at the truly twisted, outrageous news that happened over the winter break

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FOF #1387 – Bring in ‘da Sexy, Bring in ‘da Funk

Want to look hot? If you’re trying to capture the attention of someone who fancies masculinity, try not smiling so much to turn him or her on. A new study shows that heterosexual men like smiling women, but hetero women like men who don’t smile. So what do LGBT folks like?

Join us as we take a look at sexyness and emotion. What gestures do we do to turn other people on?

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