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Bad Ideas Good Bodybuilders Fall For

When you’re busy making gains in the gym, it’s easy to overlook your own vulnerabilities. Because workouts can be exhausting, it’s easy to let your guard down and fall for bad ideas, snake oil supplements, scams or even worse.

Today we take a look at how athletes fall prey to scams and conspiracies that stand in their way of success.

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Becoming a Mass Monster – Pawan Lapborisuth

If you want to be big, you got to eat big, but being a mass monster isn’t just opening up your mouth and piling in the food, it takes a whole lot of training, skill and coordination.

Today, bodybuilding coach Pawan Lapborisuth joins us to talk about his journey from a high school bodybuilder to becoming a mass monster, and all the hi-jinks that ensued when he finally crossed the 300 lbs threshold.

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FOF #2508 – The Wildest Moments in Bodybuilding

People have an unabashed love for those burly jocks who chase balls or ripped comic book superheroes who fight crime but many folks don’t quite know what to make of those athletes whose goal is to be that biggest baddest muther f*ckers on the stage: bodybuilders.

Today we look at the impact of muscle building on culture, from circus strongmen, to gay erotica and all the way up to modern day superhero blockbuster films.

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FOF #2460 – Mixing Fruit Loops and Milk

Jordan Peele’s new satirical comedy horror film Get Out is so good that we had to do another another podcast about it!

The other day, we spoke to Zach Stafford, a black guy who finds himself in awkward situations with some of his white family, and today we’re joined by Meg Grunewald, a white gal who enjoys diversity in her romantic life, and whose parents are into hypnosis and brain surgery.

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FOF #2301 – Weekend At The Arnold Expo

Today we give you an inside look at the mothership of American bodybuilding and fitness, The Arnold Sports and Fitness Expo in Columbus Ohio.

Listen as we take a look at the strong ideas and dumbbell notions from the expo floor, the hot fashion trends in men and women’s bodybuilding and what do drag queens and bodybuilder share in common, besides their love for Instagram.

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Donna Summer with Arnold Schwarzenegger at her home in Los Angeles in 1977

Isn’t this a cute photo? Two icons of gay culture, one of muscle and the other one of music. Where would male strippers be without these two? One popularized muscle building techniques, and the other […]

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FOF #1383 – Jumping the Broom

Someone’s getting married! Don’t get too excited, it’s not me.

Today our friend blogger Michael Lehet is finally tying the knot to his longtime boyfriend Darryl, in a wedding we think is going to rival any Tyler Perry movie.

Join us as we talk about tying the knot with your boo and much more.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: “My Mom Thought I Was Gay”

Arnold Schwarzenegger told Austrian newspaper Krone that his mother was so worried by posters of body-builders on his bedroom wall that she thought he was gay and even took him to a docotor to get […]

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Conan The Barbarian – THE MUSICAL


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VIDEO: Total Recall- The Musical

A musical for the 1990s film “Total Recall” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who knew Arnold had such a golden throat?

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