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FOF #2272A – Where Racists Meet Dot Com

We live in a complex world, full of injustice, racism and prejudice, so it stands to reason that some of that bigotry may be sneaking into our private sex lives without us even knowing it.

Today we’re chatting with writer Zach Stafford about the latest oddball dating site, where white people, for all those who want to get it on without those pesky racial minorities getting in the way.

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FOF #2272B – Where Racists Meet Dot Com

Which LGBT movies got nominated at the Oscars and why all the black actors get snubbed; Chicago’s ongoing problem with the police and political corruptions and cover-ups. Will Mayor Emanuel ever resign or will he watch the city burn? And a hilarious but shocking re-write of Vanilla Ice for Islamic terrorists. Part 2 of 2.

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VIDEO: Jackie Beat ”Gimme All Your Blood”

When world-famous, drop-dead gorgeous, larger-than-life drag superstar Jackie Beat invited me behind the scenes on her new Madonna parody, “Gimme All Your Blood,” I knew there would be hell to pay. The video by Austin […]

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VIDEO: Sneak Peek: ”Gimme All Your Blood!” Jackie Beat

A preview of Jackie Beat’s new Madonna parody, directed by Austin Young with special guest star Joe Fitrzyk as “The Goat.

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