FOF #2272A – Where Racists Meet Dot Com

Jan 15, 2016 · 1985 views

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We live in a complex world, full of injustice, racism and prejudice, so it stands to reason that some of that bigotry may be sneaking into our private sex lives without us even knowing it.

Today we’re chatting with writer Zach Stafford about the latest oddball dating site, where white people, for all those who want to get it on without those pesky racial minorities getting in the way.


  1. Alberto says:

    1) What we call racism is actually ethnicity discrimination. It’s absurd to say white isn’t a race but black is bc we belong to a raceless species. Scientific fact: Humans don’t have races.
    2) Profile infos on dating apps/sites are ads. We announce what we want to get what we want. It’s as simple as that. If we believe that being fat/fem/Asian etc is nothing to be ashamed of, then no fat/no fem/no Asian is also nothing to shame over. It’s making your ad as clear as fuck. It’s like adding our height, body hair info etc into our dating profiles. ASIANS ARE FUCKING UGLY or FAT PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING or THAT’S SO GAY I HATE IT, on the other hand, is obviously hateful and negative.

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