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FOF #2962 – Hattie the Silver Sex Cougar Survives Covid

Karen Lewis’ big mouth is getting her into big trouble. Designed like a giant mouth with fangs for the Burning Man festival in 2005, Karen’s giant interactive sculptural bed is just waiting for some lucky owner to sink their teeth into it.

Today artist Karen Lewis joins us to talk about “The Bed in Your Head,” her big fluffy mouth shaped bed sculpture that’s got a life of its own, and why people are obsessed with this big giant mouth.

Plus– a salute to big mouths in movies, from Jaws to Rocky Horrror and Audrey 2 to the Aliens Xenomorph, why are so many of them queer icons?

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FOF #2623 – The Duke of Soul

Some of the most important musical contributions to modern American music have come from African Americans, whose musical roots in African slave spirituals evolved into all our favorite styles: jazz, hip-hop, soul, funk, country, pop and rock.

Today Erthe St. James, the Duke of Soul joins me to take a casual look at modern black musicians that have inspired us from James Brown, Quincy Jones and Nile Rogers, to Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Erika Badu.

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FOF #2622 – Own Your Happiness

With all the opportunities to connect on social media and dating apps today, there’s never been a time where more people have also been able to reject each other. It can hurt when someone says “no.”

Today comedian Meg Grunewald joins in to share her online dating adventures and explore why so many people get the blues when romance doesn’t work out as planned.

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FOF #2447 – Don’t Fall in Love with a Drag Queen

Today, we take a look at the trouble gay guys face when they have to tell someone they’re dating that they are a drag queen.

Joining us is the she-larious San Francisco queen Peaches Christ, who somehow managed to break the news to her boyfriend that she does drag and he didn’t run away in terror.

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FOF #2272A – Where Racists Meet Dot Com

We live in a complex world, full of injustice, racism and prejudice, so it stands to reason that some of that bigotry may be sneaking into our private sex lives without us even knowing it.

Today we’re chatting with writer Zach Stafford about the latest oddball dating site, where white people, for all those who want to get it on without those pesky racial minorities getting in the way.

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FOF #2272B – Where Racists Meet Dot Com

Which LGBT movies got nominated at the Oscars and why all the black actors get snubbed; Chicago’s ongoing problem with the police and political corruptions and cover-ups. Will Mayor Emanuel ever resign or will he watch the city burn? And a hilarious but shocking re-write of Vanilla Ice for Islamic terrorists. Part 2 of 2.

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FOF #2027 – How to Pick Up All the Hot Guys at the Gym

Big surprise, gyms are filled with hot guys who for some crazy reason, would rather spend their time working out than paying attention to our desperate attempts for a sexy hook-up.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have chance of scoring.

Today we take a look again at how to pick up a hot guy at the gym. what it takes to lure that man while he’s more focused on lifting weights than getting it on with you.

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FOF #1674 – He Took Me to Paradise But All I Got Was Food Poisoning

Where do people go out to get their romance on, and what your chances are of getting some sexy action? Is it going to be hot and heavy, or is he just kicking the tires to see how fast you can go?

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FOFA #1536 – I’m 82, I’m Sexy and I Know It

Just because you are in your Autumn years doesn’t mean you can’t pluck a Spring chicken. How do you keep an eye out for the clues that others are interested in you?

Today the fascinating David Leddick shares with us stories about his life as a gay man working in advertising, cultivating yourself about how to be fabulous at any age.

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FOF #1620 – Kiss and Tell

We’ve all been on horrible dates- hopeless purgatories where you wonder why you’re spending the evening with this person when you could be home organizing your sock drawer instead.

Today Writer Eddie Campbell talks about how he took his little black book and turned it into a tell-all memoir on his romantic life in 44 Horrible Dates- true war stories of horrible dates he’s been on.

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