FOF #2027 – How to Pick Up All the Hot Guys at the Gym

Aug 5, 2014 · 110653 views

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Big surprise, gyms are filled with hot guys who for some crazy reason, would rather spend their time working out than paying attention to our desperate attempts for a sexy hook-up.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have chance of scoring.

Today we take a look again at how to pick up a hot guy at the gym. what it takes to lure that man while he’s more focused on lifting weights than getting it on with you.


  1. Mark Welch says:

    Does Fausto like the pole and the hole?

  2. Colby says:

    If Fausto writes a manifesto, it’s a manifausto.

  3. colaboy29 says:

    I don’t mind pictures of a guy showing his “brown eye”. It doesn’t turn me on. A nice ass is awesome; showing the “eye” I just move on. What I don’t understand is pics of prolapsed rectums. WTF?!?! Who finds this sexy and it can’t be healthy for the prolapsed person.


    I think I need to find a new gym! I go to a local community recreation center, it is extraordinarily affordable and democratic (young and old, children, disabled, multiracial, immigrants) but it does not strike me as a place to meet other men–but I might be mistaken! And who knew the wonderful Damiana Garcia (Michael Lucid) was a cartoonist! “RIley” is great!!!! I enjoyed reading Episode 5: “The Wish.”

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