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FOF #2741 – Deven Green’s Amazing Decade of Drag Queens, Betty Bowers, Video Parodies and the Ukulele

It’s been an amazing decade for comedian Deven Green, the YouTube sensation best known for her celebrity vanity video parodies and for portraying the satirical Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Today Deven Green joins us to take a look at her creative process as a teacher, performer and musician, her passion for playing the ukulele and working with some of the top drag queens in the world.

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FOF #2284A – Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You

We absolutely adore our gal pal Deven Green, who is best known for her hilarious “Welcome to My Home” parodies and being Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian on YouTube.

Deven has a new gig dispensing relationship advice for Goliath magazine, so we asked her to dive deep into love, getting into a xheavy discussion on the affairs of the heart. Today Deven Green joins us to tackle all the tough questions, including “what is love” and does the power of love run on AC or DC?

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FOF #2284B – Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You

In part two of “Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You” we continue our conversation with Deven Green about the key to making a great relationship and why it’s never a good idea to move to LA to chase stars.

Plus– The world’s oldest erect dong.
and which drag queen truly is a very nice person.

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VIDEO: Mrs. Betty Bowers and the War on Christmas

Mrs. Betty Bowers tackles the War on Christmas right at the front line, the mall. Best pronunciation of Pottery Barn ever.

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VIDEO: Betty Bowers Wants You to Join the Party

Betty Bowers gives you many very good reasons to join the GOP.

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VIDEO: Mrs. Betty Bowers “So Close to Jesus”

As Tim Tebow has relentlessly reminded us, religion is just a competition to show how much closer you are to your deity than everyone else. But nobody is closer to Jesus than America’s Best Christian, […]

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VIDEO: America’s 5 Favorite Ways to Ignore Jesus

America’s best Christian Betty Bowers is back with a scathing new video taking a look at people’s hypocrisy when it comes to following their own religious beliefs. Written by Andrew Bradley and narrated by Deven […]

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VIDEO: Betty Bowers’ New Gospel

Betty Bowers examines our relationship to God.

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VIDEO: Mrs. Betty Bowers’ Christian Sex Tape

Hark! When it comes to sex, Mrs. Betty Bowers does the most vile and disgusting thing: She talks about it! Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian and host of The No Sin Zone, answers the calls […]

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FOF #1217 – Disco Inferno

July 12th is the 31st anniversary of the infamous Disco Demolition Night, a PR stunt that turned into a violent nightmare as an angry mob rioted against disco music and its association with gay culture by tearing apart Comiskey Park.

Interestingly enough, thirty one years later, on the same day, the YMCA announces it’s re-branding itself as just “the Y.” Is the organization trying to escape the gay disco anthem YMCA by the Village People?

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