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VIDEO: Bigoted Woman Defends Hateful Pastor

This Lady’s Grasp of Logic Makes My Head Hurt. I Just wish Anderson Cooper would just come out all ready.

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VIDEO: Anderson Cooper Accepts Clint McCance’s Resignation

Anderson Cooper accepts homophobe Clint McCane’s resignation after he posted anti-gay vitriol on Facebook.

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While Russian Gov’t Bigots Seem Steadfast, the Ground is Shifting Beneath Them

New protests are providing the fuel for progressive and legal change for gays in Russia. MOSCOW, Russia, early morning, 5/27/10 — While the bigoted mayor of this city has once again banned gay pride this […]

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Anti-Gay Indiana Congressman Resigns after Affair

ndiana Rep. Mark Souder, a fierce opponent on LGBT issues including same-sex marriage, resigned his congressional seat on Tuesday after confessing to an extramarital affair with a 45-year-old female staffer.

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Anti-Gay Leader Found Vactioning With Gay Prostitute

Yeah, I love a good Christian man on man sex scandal, especially when it involves a male prostitute and a huge bigot! “Notorious NARTH member and vigorous gay adoption opponent Dr. George Rekers was caught […]

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