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PHOTOS: Us as Lady Gaga on the Cover of Vogue

We had such a great time photographing our parody of Lady Gaga’s most recent cover of Vogue, I decided to photoshop ourselves onto the cover. It could happen! We were up to be on the […]

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FOF #1328 – We Are All Lady Gaga

Happy Valentine’s Day! After months of teasing her little monsters, Lady Gaga finally dropped her new single, ‘Born This Way’ that’s causing quite a commotion for it’s similarities to Madonna’s song ‘Express Yourself.’ Why did she thank Whitney Houston at the Grammys?

Today we look at the impact the song is having and the history of other LGBT liberation pop songs that share the same title. Plus- Tracy Tyler discusses the Grammy’s, the Egyptian Revolution and a gay cruise aboard the Drug Boat.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Performs “Born This Way”

Gaga performs the much anticipated “Born This Way” at the Grammys. She may say she was inspired by Whitney Houston when she wrote “Born This Way” but boy does it sound a lot like Madonna’s […]

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Lady Gaga and Madonna- Born This Way and Express Yourself Full Song Overlay

Combining Lady Gaga and Madonna is like mixing peanut butter and chocolate- two great things that are even better together. These gals gotta go on tour!

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VIDEO: Brendan Maclean Madonnalicious Version of Lady Gaga – Born This Way

We’re not alone in thinking that Born this Way and Madonna’s Express Yourself would make a smashing medley. Here’s ukulele singer Brendan Maclean giving it a go.

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VIDEO: “Born This Way” by Terry Lavell

It’s not Gaga but it’s good! Ashlford and Simpson still have it going on with “Born This Way” performed by Terry Lavell. Lyrics: “Don’t put me down, don’t be mean, give me the crown and […]

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Listen to Lady Gaga’s Born this Way – Finally!

Here it is! After months of teasing, Lady Gaga debuted her new single, ‘Born This Way,’ this morning on the radio, and already minutes after it airing the internet is abuzz. What are your thoughts?

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Is Lady Gaga “Born this Way” just a knock-off of an earlier disco hit gay anthem?

Tomorrow Lady Gaga is coming out! Out with her long awaited gay rights anthem “Born This Way.” Some are saying that Lady Gaga’s song is just a knock off of Valtentino’s 1975 gay anthem “I Was Born This Way” and that the Haus of Gaga might find themselves in a lawsuit.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga – Born This Way + Air Supply

We asked our gal pal Tracy Tyler to combine the song lyrics for Lady Gaga’s new song “Born This Way” with Air Supply’s melody “All Out of Love.” The results are pretty awesome.

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