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FOF #2807 – Celebrities Are All Rotten People

When Drag Race was just getting started, RuPaul said in a candid interview: “Celebrities are all truly rotten people.” Meaning it’s hard to meet with someone who inspires you because they don’t always live up to your expectations.

Today comedian Carly Ballerini joins us to take a look at what happens when marginalized people become stars and how the facade of fame usually comes with a few cracks.

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FOF #2322 – A Brief Herstory of Drag Queen Music

Long before drag queens became drag superstars, many gender non conforming artists worked the Chitlin Circuit, a nickname given to venues where black and often queer artists could freely and safely perform in a racially segregated America.

Today we’re going back, back, back to the roots of drag queen musical acts from the Chitlin Circuit all the way to RuPaul and beyond with DJ Marc Moose Moder.

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FOF #2242 – Walking a Mile in a Drag Queen’s Heels

Our Halloween dressed as superhero versions of our favorite drag queens helped bring a little attention to Cooking with Drag Queens but we only have until Nov. 12 to make it happen.

Joining us is the fabulous Cody Melcher, who had us on his crazy book review podcast Thome Fooley, to talk about why religious fundamentalists feel threatened by LGBT folks using the rainbow as a symbol of liberation.

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VIDEO: The Supreme Fabulettes – You Ruined My Xmas

Drag queens really know how to take a miserable time and make it fun. Check out The Supreme Fabulettes in their new holiday song “You Ruined My X-Mas” directed by Boy George and Dean Stockings.

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FOF #1558 – Small Things Considered

One of the hottest sought after guests we’ve ever had on the show is actor, director and composer Josh Walker. Even years later, listeners still write to us dying to get to know him better.

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Boy George Turns 50

Boy George turned 50 and had a bash with club kids, who aren’t kids anymore and drag queens like Lady Bunny. You should read the write up in the Sun, it’s so condescending and misinformed […]

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Amazing Grace: New Boy George Single featuring Ana Lains [VIDEO]

Check out the psychedelic video of Boy George’s new single “Amazing Grace” featuring singer Ana Lains. According to George’s fansite “You can expect a release on the Milk ‘n’2 Sugars label very soon.” Details on […]

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FOF #888 – Tom Goss is in the House!

What’s the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Either way, I can’t wait until my family arrives to start celebrating the holidays! To kick off the ‘Ving Break, we’ve got hunky musician Tom Goss to serenade you […]

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