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FOF #2003 – The Road to Marriage Equality

One of the biggest changes we’ve seen in the past decade of doing this podcast is the growing acceptance of Marriage Equality. In 2005 most people were against it, but today almost everyone’s on favor of it. Even states like Mississippi and Alabama are challenging their own marriage bans.

Today Matt Baume, who’s been covering the news on Same-Sex Marriage since Prop 8, joins us to take a look how the tide has turned on Marriage Equality.

FOF #1918 – Love is a Verb

What’s the key to a happy relationship? Be gay, childless, or make a hot cup of tea.

A new study on relationships reveals that actions, not words matter a lot. And that generally gay folks are much more content with each other than straight folks.

Joining us today is Tommy Holl, who shortly after our show got himself on the local morning news as the real elf on the shelf and now might actually have a career as a Christmas elf.

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FOF #1899 – My Racist Grandma

With the holidays just around the corner, a lot of folks are not looking forward to dealing with those bigoted relatives that make the whole family miserable.

Today blogger Nico Lang joins us to talk about his grandma, who is fine with him being gays as long as he doesn’t bring a black guy home. How do you handle the racist grandma in your life?

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FOF #1872 – Legislating Bad

Breaking Bad is off the air for one day and the entire country goes to hell, bitch!

Joining us is Brian Sweeney to take a look at why Breaking Bad was one of the best TV shows of all time, and what we can all expect from the Republican government shutdown. During the last shutdown in 1995, White House intern Monica Lewinski got unprecedented access to the President, and the rest is stained blue dress history.

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FOF #1845 – I Dare You to Throw Me in Jail

Celebrities are joining international efforts to get the Russian government to repeal its anti-gay laws before the upcoming Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. Lady Gaga, Johnny Weir and Andy Cohen are among many who are speaking out against the intolerance.

Joining us today is Brian Sweeney to look at celebrities who are willing to be thrown in a Russian gulag, why Bravo’s Andy won’t set foot in the country and ultimately what Russia has to gain by having such hateful laws.

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