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FOF #2543 – Zombie Bathhouse A Go-Go

Zombies are usually portrayed as mindless creatures who crave human flesh to survive, but in the new musical, Zombie Bathhouse, the undead still crave human flesh, they just don’t necessarily want to swallow.

Today, the creators of Zombie Bathhouse, Brian Kirst and Scott Free, join us to talk about how to survive a zombie outbreak at a bathhouse with a little song and dance.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s Funeral

Nothing like a little necromancy straight out of the Necronomicon to bring the spirit of a dead diva back to life.

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FOF #1272 – Big Gay Horror Films

Today we’re joined by horror film fanatic and writer for Fangoria and Big Gay Horror Fan, Brian Kirst. He’s here to talk about some gay moments from classic horror films that you may have have missed.

Listen as we talk about our favorite horror movies and Brian shares with us fantastic stories about some of the amazing actors he’s interviewed over the years.

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