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This is a total body workout meant to rip and tear you apart from head to toe.  Summer is on its way and I know many of you are trying to trim that last stubborn […]

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LEG-Endary! Build Massive Legs!

Pain and punishment, these are your new best friends that will accompany you during this brutal leg workout!  Size is all about volume and there are plenty of reps to go around!  Form will be […]

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VIDEO: Hamstrings to Beefstrings- With a Bit of Calves on the Side!

Nothing says “I’M LAZY” like small legs! It’s time to leave those chicken legs behind, BEEF up those hamstrings and work on those calves!

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VIDEO: Raising Bulls!

Why does it seem like calves are so hard to grow? Well, it doesn’t have to be so hard! Anyone can RAISE SOME BULLS if they follow this simple, yet hardcore routine 2-3 times a […]

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VIDEO: Scott Herman’s Blast Your Legs: Hams, Glutes and Calves!

Looking for a fun new way to tear up those legs?!?  Well, I got the PERFECT routine for you right here!!

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