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Recipe: Chicken in Creamy White Wine Sauce with Mushrooms

Everyone loves French cuisine, and why not? The key ingredients are usually butter, cream and wine mixed along with mushrooms or fresh herbs for a quick and decadent sauce that would make Julia Child proud.

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FOF #2434 – The Greatest Show on Earth

We are back! Drag Race All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderfun recently invited us onstage to be her sexy muscle daddy backup dancers for her song Chicken, which featured the clucking sounds of Miss Fame.

Today, we give you a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to perform in wrestling singlets and chicken masks for one of the world’s top drag queens.

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FOF #2235 – Toyota Corona Will Drive You Wild

Oh what a feeling! Toyota Corona captured the Zeitgeist with a viral video freaking out over the gender-neutral children’s toy section at Target.

Listen as Toyota Corona talks about the sexy middle Eastern men who flirt with her on Facebook, her quest for a new name and how to tell the difference between boy’s and girl’s toys.

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FOF #1569 – Cher’s Giant Black Wig

With her fabulous music through the years, her Bob Mackie see-through gowns and her unconditional support of her trans son Chaz, you can’t help but adore Cher and her wacky, wacky ways.

What is up with that crazy, giant, black wig Cher?

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VIDEO: Harold’s Fried Chicken Gets Down

I use to work in a restaurant that sold wings and customers would often ask “Make them like Harold’s!” I forget what the chef did to make them like Harold’s but they were really good.

Watch the funky chicken get down.

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Techno Chicken

Suddenly I’m craving Ecstasy and KFC. (click Techno Chicken link above)

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