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Chris Condren Does the Space Time Warp Again

One of our favorite oddballs we’ve come across in the decades of doing the Feast of Fun podcast is musician Chris Condren, a comedian whose catchy tunes parody time travel, movie trailers and superstardom.

Today musician, comedian and time traveler Chris Condren joins us to look at 20 seasons of the Feast of Fun, carrying his keyboard in a trash can and the notorious episode “Pagan Christmas.”

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FOF #2502 – Total Garbage

Do you ever think “I’m going to fail so hard that I’m actually going to win big?” Our guest today comedian Chris Condren totally believes that this is his destiny.

You may remember Chris from the early days of the podcast singing “Pagan Christmas” and now he has a new fitness workout record Total Garbage EP: four tracks of truly amazing music, that have nothing to do with fitness.

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FOF #1598- Pricks in Peril

Comedian Chris Condren is coming out of the closet as a straight son of a gay dad, and talking about his dad’s erotic website (NSFW), where he creates nude drawings of men and their genitals being tortured, bound and pierced. Yeow!

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FOFA #1111 – Pagan Christmas

We’re bringing some nutty holiday cheer on today’s show with our very own ginger witch Shivian Balaris- he’s here to cast a sexy spell for good fortune, and to get even with our enemies.

Comedian Chris Condren also joins us to play some insane songs about time travel and finding that perfect kind of love.

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FOF #1217 – Disco Inferno

July 12th is the 31st anniversary of the infamous Disco Demolition Night, a PR stunt that turned into a violent nightmare as an angry mob rioted against disco music and its association with gay culture by tearing apart Comiskey Park.

Interestingly enough, thirty one years later, on the same day, the YMCA announces it’s re-branding itself as just “the Y.” Is the organization trying to escape the gay disco anthem YMCA by the Village People?

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