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VIDEO: Chris Rushtons – Youtube Story on How It Started

I was inspired to do a video like this because I am very aware of how random it is to just start uploading very detailed creative videos! so here is a video explaining how it […]

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VIDEO: Chris Rushton’s “How to Do Natural Looking Makeup”

I’m Chris and I made a really easy makeup video to enhance your natural beauty and still look refreshingly natural : ) beat that face

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Cute Gay Boy on Youtube! Chris Rushton

This is one of my new youtube videos hope you like it!! Check out my love chris!!!

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Chris Rushton’s Take on Being on the FOF

We certainly enjoyed having Chris Rushton on the podcast, and nothing makes us happier when a guest posts his own video response to coming on the show. Check out Chris in his own words why […]

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FOF #1152 – The Adorable Chris Rushton

A gay youth revolution is underway as young people connect with a mass audience by telling their coming out stories on Youtube. One such video blogger, Chris Rushton shares with us his tips on video blogging and being stalked by his fans.

Plus: Robert Pattinson offered to pose nude for Details magazine but they declined!

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A Teenagers Coming Out Story – Chris Rushton

This is my coming out story – more videos at

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