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Happy Harvey Milk Day

Today is May 22, which was voted in by the good people of California as Harvey Milk Day to celebrate the iconic gay civil rights leader Harvey Milk. Milk was one of the country’s first […]

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FOF #1073 – Equality Marches On

Our live coverage of the 2009 National Equality March, where thousands of people marched on the nation’s capital to demand full equal rights for all GLBT people.

FOF #1047 – Set Your Status to Stun

Blogger Michael Lehet got an unexpected request from his boyfriend on Facebbok to confirm they are in a relationship. Bizzare reactions to Senator Kennedy’s death and some easy steps to take to stay optimistic and productive.

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FOF #939 – Cleve Jones Dances with Madonna

You saw him at the Oscars, now on today’s show we have longtime gay rights activist Cleve Jones talking about what it was like to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards, dance with […]

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Interview with Cleve Jones

Here’s the simulcast on the interview with did with activist Cleve Jones, best known for conceiving the AIDS Memorial Quilt and being a close friend of the late Harvey Milk. Jones worked as a historical […]

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FOF #892 – The Real Life Cleve Jones

How far have we come in the fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual ans transgendered rights since the 1970s? Gus Van Sant’s new biographic film MILK brings forth a chilling timeliness with parallels to the anti-gay measures […]