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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Officiates Gay Wedding

Conan O’Brien officiated an on-air wedding for his costume designer and his partner during a taping in NYC. Bravo’s Andy Cohen walked one of the grooms done the a line.

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VIDEO: What Conan O’Brien was Really Thinking

Conan O’Brien’s 60 Minutes Inner Monologue – watch more funny videos Oh those delicious subtitles. Here’s a video from Funny or Die, where they show what Conan O’Brien was really thinking during his ’60 Minutes’ […]

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Conan O’Brien Made Out of Cheetos Portrait

He may be out of a job, but Conan’s back in a delicious tribute to the greasy, cheese-flavored cornmeal snack. The wall protrait made by Colorado Springs artist Jason Baalman will soon be available for […]

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FOF #1125 – Cameron the Barbarian

Prepare to die! From laughter that is, as we recreate one of the campiest scenes from the movie, Conan the Barbarian. Comedian Cameron Esposito joins us to talk about being roasted by her comedian friends and the fight for marriage equality.

Plus: Conan O’Brien vs Jay Leno, the floor in Weight Watchers Clinic collapses, a 33 year old pet snowballkept in a freezer, liquid diamond lakes and the first legal male prostitute in Nevada.

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NBC Executive Calls Conan a “Astounding Failure”

This my friends, is an example of projection. Yesterday NBC executive Dick Ebersol, well known for his infamous fights with SNL comedians in the 1980s is now jumping in and blaming the network’s troubles not […]

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