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FOF #1959 – Michelle Visage is a Cosmological Woman

Drag queens are in a sticky situation. We love them for being outrageous and challenging us to think differently about the world. But, they are also guardians of our LGBT culture and we expect them to have a deep understanding of the long road to freedom.

Today RuPaul’s gal pal Michelle Visage, a permanent judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race joins us to tackle head on the controversy surrounding the show’s Shemale/Female challenge.

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Austin Has a Queer Bomb

That liberal bastion in Texas is going through some growing pains when it comes to their Queer citizens and this year’s pride.

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Kami, the HIV+ Muppet

On today’s podcast we interviewed Michael Davis about the history of one of the greatest children’s TV shows, Sesame Street, and its affect on our culture. One significant moment in the show’s history was how […]

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FOF #797 – The Second Starbucks to the Right

It’s so good to run into old friends! On today’s show one of my old gal pals Barb Kingston joins us to talk about transforming herself into a happier, loving lesbian. Barb was one of […]

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