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FOF #2741 – Deven Green’s Amazing Decade of Drag Queens, Betty Bowers, Video Parodies and the Ukulele

It’s been an amazing decade for comedian Deven Green, the YouTube sensation best known for her celebrity vanity video parodies and for portraying the satirical Mrs. Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian.

Today Deven Green joins us to take a look at her creative process as a teacher, performer and musician, her passion for playing the ukulele and working with some of the top drag queens in the world.

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FOF #2483 – Deven Green, Love Doctor

Deven Green has knocked it out of the park yet again. In her new video “Welcome to My White House” Deven imagines how First Lady Melania Trump would redecorate the President’s home in accordance with Trump’s tacky love for all things gold.

Today, award winning comedian Deven Green, joins us to talk about relationship questions she gets in her advice column, why it’s okay not to worry about that guy not returning your calls and what’s the best way to pick up a hot guy at the grocery store.

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FOF #2420 – Make Thanksgiving Great Again

After a very long election year that has divided the country, a lot of us are dreading spending the holiday season with family members who don’t share their same values, but it’s a great opportunity to bridge the divide and give thanks for what you do have in your life.

Today, we’re talking turkey with the very funny Carma Nibarger, a nurse who heals people with the power of comedy and psychotropic drugs.

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FOF #2074A – Till Death Do Us Part

Trump says our marriage is a done deal and Deven Green says its her favorite appearance on the podcast, so here it is- our wedding ceremony, officiated by Deven Green with special musical appearances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

Listen as we take you on a journey of our relationship, our ups and downs and we truly get legally married forever and ever.

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VIDEO: Son of a Preacher Man – Tom Goss

Tom Goss gives lesbian singer Dusty Springfield’s “Son of a Preacher Man” a gay twist with teens who fall in love. Look closely at the congregation at church and you’ll see the lovely Deven Green sitting in the pews.

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FOF #2284A – Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You

We absolutely adore our gal pal Deven Green, who is best known for her hilarious “Welcome to My Home” parodies and being Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian on YouTube.

Deven has a new gig dispensing relationship advice for Goliath magazine, so we asked her to dive deep into love, getting into a xheavy discussion on the affairs of the heart. Today Deven Green joins us to tackle all the tough questions, including “what is love” and does the power of love run on AC or DC?

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FOF #2284B – Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You

In part two of “Deven Green Just Called to Say I Love You” we continue our conversation with Deven Green about the key to making a great relationship and why it’s never a good idea to move to LA to chase stars.

Plus– The world’s oldest erect dong.
and which drag queen truly is a very nice person.

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FOF #2074 – Till Death Do Us Part

For many gay folks, being able to legally marry the one you love has been nothing short of a fantasy. But thanks to decades of hard work, people in most states in the country are now able to legally tie the knot.

On today’s show, wedding bells are a ringing, and guess who is getting married? We are! Officiated by Deven Green with special musical apperances by Tracy Tyler and Manny Capozzi.

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FOF #1758 – Deven Green Teaches You How to Read

It’s not very often you get to roast fish, let alone roast the queen of all the little fishies, RuPaul herself! Today, Deven Green takes us behind the scenes of her appearance on RuPaul’s Drag Race and what it takes to make comedy gold when reading to filth.

Listen as Deven gives us pointers on roasting as we serve some of our very own send-ups of RuPaul– like this one: RuPaul is so old- “You better work” has now become “You better send me the social security check.”

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VIDEO: Deven Green “Welcome To My Bath House”

Deven Green is at again with with a parody of Angela Landsbury’s vanity video.

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