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Dan Cass Gets Untucked

After Tucker Carlson got fired from Fox News, folks are hotly debating why he got canned- was it the allegations of sexism in the workplace, the Dominion settlement and other lawsuits or is Fox News finally getting tired of all his lies? But if Fox News had to fire everyone who lied on the air, there wouldn’t be anyone left in the studio.

Today comedian Dan Cass joins us to look at all the political hijinks unfolding during these uncertain times, like Sarah Huckabee Sanders selling her koozy in a new bizarre political ad and Donald Trump calling Ron DeSantis “pudding fingers.”

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I Have Cancer, Again

2018 was an incredible year. After years of podcasting, Marc Felion got cast in the Norwegian reality TV show “Alt For Norge.” And just like that, I came down with an especially aggressive case of cancer, basal cell carcinoma, that left me with a giant scar on my right shoulder and enormous medical bills to pay.

This year, the cancer is back, right during the middle of preparing for a bodybuilding contest. My birthday was spent going back and forth with doctors to schedule radiation therapy to nuke the tumor on my arm.

Today we take a look at cancer, whee! A look at the highs and lows life brings us, as we reflect on the week’s news and trends.

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FOF #1381 – Six Degrees of Lady Gaga

If you thought Lady Gaga’s song Born this Way sounded a lot like Madonna, it may in the blood.

Celebrity genealogist Chris Childs has traced the family linage of both the Material Girl and Momma Monster, and it turns out that Lady Gaga and Madonna are real life kissing cousins! Plus, CNN Anchor Don Lemon comes out of the closet as a gay man.

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CNN Anchor Don Lemon Comes Out of the Closet in New Book

It wasn’t Anderson Cooper who came out as gay, it was CNN Anchor Don Lemon! CNN Don Lemon comes out in his new book Transparent: “Today I chose to step out on faith and begin […]

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