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VIDEO: Sweet Brown is the Latest Viral Star

Sweet Brown has no time for a apartment fire when she has bronchitis. Has this been auto-tuned yet? via

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VIDEO: Firemen in Drag Put Out Fire

The firemen were in drag when the call came in so who had time to change? Question is, why were they in drag?

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VIDEO: Skater Boy Gets Set on Fire

This skater dude need to learn to do the “stop, drop, and roll” so that next time he tries this trick he won’t get burned so badly.

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VIDEO: Man’s Hair Catches on Fire

You get what you deserve for singing Bill Joel at karaoke.

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Jesus is a Flamer

The large Jesus statue iconic to Interstate 75 in Monroe was destroyed following an apparent lightning strike during a thunderstorm. Motorists were stopped along the highway and along Union Road in Monroe to watch the […]

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VIDEO: Mom Always Said ‘Don’t Play With Fire’

You may have been scolded for playing with fire when you were a kid, but check out this amazing fire animation. According to the notes on the video, it took almost two weeks to complete […]

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