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FOF #2188 – Reddit to Filth

One of our favorite places on the Internet to kiki about RuPaul’s Drag Race is on the RuPaul’s Drag Race Subreddit, where over 20,000 die hard fans of the TV show, queens and everyone in between gather to take a sip on the latest T.

Today- founder Broosh and moderator Simdude podcast for their lives as they give us an exclusive behind the scenes look at the fabulous subreddit.

Special Edition FOF: Let’s Get Freaky

Of all the live podcast forums we’ve done with Lifelube, one of the best received was Tunnel of Love, where people probed deeply and asked anything they wanted from sex experts and doctors about their booty.

Today we’re going to get our freak on and try to answer as many questions you have here and at home about sex.

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FOF #1464 – Change is Coming

In the years since we started podcasting, a lot has changed about how we think of gay men’s health and sexuality.

Join us today as we walk down memory lane with Jim Pickett to look back at the live podcast forums we’ve done together and the life lessons we’ve learned.

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