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FOF #2737 – Azealia Banks Says F*ck Your Drag

This week hip hop star Azealia Bank got into it with drag queens when she called out a local queen, Bambi Banks-Coolee as stupid for dressing up as the X-Men’s Storm. Azealia went on to say that drag race is “raising a generation of materialistic money spenders.”

Today comedian Matt Brown joins us to unpack Azealia Bank’s scalding criticism of drag culture, RuPaul’s Drag Race and LGBTQI+ art. Does Azaelia have a point or is she just looking for a fight for just a little publici-SHE?

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VIDEO: The Friday Parody You Want to See

Wear your seat belts folks.

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VIDEO: Rebecca Black “Friday” in Hell

I thought we were in Hell already but apparently this is some sort of fresh Hell, which makes it all better.

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VIDEO: Dramatic Reading Of ”Friday”

James Urbaniak (voice of Dr Venture from The Venture Brothers) does a spoken-word version of the Black Plague earworm with the expressly stated purpose of killing it. Memes die hard, Rusty! Special appearance by Wil […]

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VIDEO: Rebecca Black Swan

There are no words.

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VIDEO: Hockey Fan Lip Syncs “Friday”

Friday is popular in Canado too.

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga Thinks Rebecca Black is a Genius

In an interview at Google, Lady Gaga tells the audience that she thinks Rebecca Black is a genius. BTW< I love Gaga's look in this video- it's very Audrey Hepburn "Breakfast ar Tiffany's."

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VIDEO: Friday- Dubbed With Better Ending

There is a lesson in in this for all of us.

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FOF #1346 – Saving Wonder Woman

Great Hera! The new “Wonder Woman” costume is a disaster, with folks calling it tacky and garish, at best a cheap vinyl get-up found hanging on the discount rack a week after Halloween.

Join us as we take a look at the TV reboot of Wonder Woman, and give her wardrobe a make-overt to bring some fashion sense to Mount Olympus.

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