FOF #1346 – Saving Wonder Woman

Mar 22, 2011 · 1985 views

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Great Hera! The new “Wonder Woman” costume is a disaster, with folks calling it tacky and garish, at best a cheap vinyl get-up found hanging on the discount rack a week after Halloween.

Join us as we take a look at the TV reboot of Wonder Woman, and give her wardrobe a make-overt to bring some fashion sense to Mount Olympus.


  1. ‘…two bedsheets, and sew them together.’, too f****** funny. But, I would totally wear FoF boxer briefs. The WW costume is pretty terrible. It can’t be real. I hope it’s a funny bit of marketing, so we’ll better appreciate the real costume. It was fun to see you at C2E2. Although, after hearing this podcast, I hope Fausto’s knowing nose didn’t pick up the scent. (o_o) I hope the VD panel provided you with plenty of eye candy. ‘)

  2. Chickengirl says:

    I see that you guys aren’t haterz of Rebecca Black, but here is a HILARIOUS reaction video done by this young black guy,, who I am assuming is gay

    and apparently Bob Dylan already did this song..huh…

    its already been remixed by such artists like Deadmau5

    ITS REALLY GOOD YA’LL, like the best remix I have heard ever.

    Also, I would like o get a new FOF shirt….but I think a small would be too big for me..I have the old Firecracker red T-shirt…in a small, but even after I shrunk it in the wash it was still too baggy on a XS would prolly fit me better….

    srry if those links don’t embed properly, I have no idea how to use teh proper coding for putting stuff in the comments.


    “She looks like a crazy hooker who stands outside of carnivals…offering comfort!”
    You guys are hilarious–and thanks for the shout out! Here’s the “Mood Board.”

  4. jpw says:

    Hey Marc:

    It might not be gluten that you have a problem with, but wheat itself.

    My hubby tested only borderline for celiac (his mother has celiac), but discovered that he stopped getting migraines when he was on the South Beach diet. Turns out that wheat — and every grain in the same genus as wheat (rye, barley, spelt) — had been causing his migraines for years.

    The thing is, he’s half-Austrian, so he *reeeeaaallly* misses bread. So, I’ve been experimenting with gluten-free baking. The Culinary Institute of America has a good one: “Gluten- Free Baking,” by Richard J. Coppedge Jr. The pancake recipe and pie-crust are both good. The bread mix from Bob’s Red-Mills works well, too.

    Just steer clear of anything that’s made mostly of white rice flour; it’ll have the consistency of beach-sand in your mouth.

  5. Angela says:

    The AT&T bandwidth cap story just made me sigh wistfully, due to the fact that we pay $70/month to share 40 GB between four people in our flat. One of the few things I dislike about moving to New Zealand: it has been verified as having the worst internet access in the OECD. :p

  6. Jaycub says:

    I have an invite to if you guys are wanting to sign up.

    (it’s not that great, though.)

  7. Ardech says:

    Fausto you are turning into one of those people that uses interruption and critiques to try and take over the podcast and repeat yourself…Really Marc you do in fact love Fausto…Do you know how many times he has used this tactic on you…(Now that is love!)

    The Mighty Ardech

    Ps. May I suggest that you listen to your podcasts Fausto from the beginning: since you remove and bury critics…Fuck the “positive new age thinkers”; I don’t trust anyone who shits rainbows and never talks to their critics: they must be sooooo “perfect”!

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