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‘…two bedsheets, and sew them together.’, too f****** funny. But, I would totally wear FoF boxer briefs. The WW costume is pretty terrible. ... » More

On FOF #1346 – Saving Wonder Woman

Hola, chicas. Cuando una palabra en plural se abrevia, tiene que doblar la letra. And yes, pubic hair is taboo. It is usually... » More

On FOF #1341 – Lady Gaga Lawsuits

Waters would be proud. ‘) » More

On Eat Your Makeup!

What a cutie. He does her ‘elbow move’ with such conviction; too funny. They should have given him a paw glove for the above... » More

On FOF #1331 – Burlesque Baby, Lady Gaga Must Pay

‘Kill your parents, and set the house on fire!’ – Thanks for the hard laugh. There is nothing like a FOF holiday podcast.... » More

On FOF #1309 – What up with DADT?