FOF #1341 – Lady Gaga Lawsuits

Mar 8, 2011 · 1985 views

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Celebrities and lawsuits go hand in hand like pizza for breakfast and your loss of dignity. No matter how rich or famous people get, rest assured that they will sooner or later get dragged into court.

Today we take a close look at celebrities and their pain and misery in the court of law. Lady Gaga is threatening to sue over Baby Gaga ice-cream. Did her cease and desist letter come in a jewel covered egg?


  1. Avatar Juantana says:

    How can Lady Gaga sue somebody when she herself got the name “Gaga” from Queen’s song “Radio Ga Ga”?

  2. Avatar Dag says:

    Lady Gaga can just kiss my grannies Gaga!!

  3. Avatar Barrett says:

    Looove The Vampire Diaries. The acting might not be great, but the plot and the pacing are so great. If you like it, you might like “Being Human” as well. The two men on that show are cuter than the guys who play Stefan and Damien, imo.

  4. Hola, chicas. Cuando una palabra en plural se abrevia, tiene que doblar la letra. And yes, pubic hair is taboo. It is usually digitally obscured. ‘)

  5. What is Gaga doing? She must be having a bad month. Did you also hear her interview when she was asked if she could sing a duet with anyone in history who would it be with? She responded “my fans.” She would want to have a duet with all of her fans? Come on!

  6. Avatar Faramir says:

    Marc, I can’t believe you went to La Spezia! People usually visit the surroundings (Porto Venere, Cinque Terre) but not the city itself, unless they’re into hunky sailors!

    Tomorrow I’m going to Versilia (Tuscany) not very far from La Spezia. Maybe I could take my friends there to go fishing for Italian marines! 😉

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