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VIDEO: Tom Goss Gets Wet and Wild in “Bears”

Slip and slides, hunky bears and Tom Goss in a swimsuit. What’s not to love?

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IMAGE: Fausto Fernós in Drag on the Cover of Nightspots, 2002

All I could think of when this photo was taken was “I want my picture taken with the biggest guy in the room.” Here I am on the cover of Nightspots, posing at a gay […]

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FOF #1150 – The Bear King

Hear ye, hear ye, Jamie Williamson, King of the Chicago Movie Bears is moving and the club is seeking a new leader for their monthly fun-filled movie and calorie rich-food event.

Join us as we chat about all the sexy Winter Olympic athletes and how flamboyant ice skater Johnny Weir wants to be out of the closet as being himself. A solider comes out as gay after his death, and Zhora the boozy chimp sent to rehab.

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