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FOF #2339 – Making Your Pride Celebration Fierce

Over the decades, what used to be a cozy gathering of brave souls marching for equality and commemorating the Stonewall Riots has grown to become a huge celebration of sexual and gender diversity.

Today, our thirst quenching gal pal Joan Waters joins us to give you some fabulous tips and tricks to make your Pride celebration fierce and fabulous.

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FOF #2055 – Get Bent

Do you remember 80s psychic Uri Geller who claimed to be able to bend spoons with the power of his mind? He’s back now saying the reason why Apple’s new iPhone 6’s are bending is because of our mental collective excitement over the device.

Today we’re joined by Tommy Holl to take a look at why psychics are more than just harmless fun, and how to handle disappointment, when you don’t get what you want, and especially don’t get what you need.

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FOF #1858 – You Look Fierce in Those Shorts

Right now the hot fashion trend on the internet is men wearing their gym shorts as cute cocktail dresses, squeezing both of their legs into one side, and then throwing the other side of the shorts over the shoulder.

Today we’re taking a closer look at the men who are turning their workout shorts into cocktail dresses, and listing some of our favorite tips on aging sexy and feeling desirable over 30.

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VIDEO: Blackhawk Pride

A fun chat with Brent Sopel of the Chicago Blackhawks who shared his personal day with Stanley Cup with the crowd at the Chicago Gay Pride Parade 2010.

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FOF #1204 – The Russian Gay Bear Goes Grrr

Money is no object when it comes to stopping gay rights in Russia. Even though the Russian constitution guarantees the right to assembly, Moscow’s mayor has spent a lot of resources trying to stop the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade.

How did the Russian gays outwit the mayor? By setting up a smart mob! Listen to today’s show as activist Andy Thayer reveals the fascinating details on how they did it.

FOF #789 – The Rainbow Connection

Taste the rainbow and we don’t mean Skittles! Gay Season reaches it’s apex this Sunday as cities across the U.S. and abroad celebrate the modern gay rights movement by holding a Pride Parade. Some may […]

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