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FOF #1693 – My What a Pretty Face

We’re ready for our close-up!

Today we take a look at our faces, what science says about how our faces reveal who we are, and what you can do to flaunt it, or cover it up. How to look your best and figure out what’s inside the book by judging its cover.

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FOF #1588 – Your Beautiful Gay Face

How accurate is someone’s gaydar? A new study from the University of Washington shows that people can guess about 60% of the time if a person is gay.

Listen as we take a look at the new gaydar study, ways to boost your testosterone naturally with supplements and diet, NAACP saying yes we can to Marriage Equality and the Lady Gaga Simpsons episode.

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FOF #1199 – Jonnie Jenkins’ Crazy Gay Voice

Remember Paul Lynde’s snarky laugh, or Richard Hunt’s meeps as Beaker on the Muppet Show? The memorable affectations delivered by these wonderful gay men amused audiences for years.

Even now, actors, podcasters and video bloggers continue this great tradition, but as openly gay men. Today video blogger Jonnie Jenkins (known on YouTube as the Phat Gay Kid) joins us to talk about his endearing voice.

Scientists Prove Gaydar

Gay people really do have an inbuilt radar that helps them seek out like-minded souls, scientists have shown. This sixth sense, or ‘gaydar’, ensures they pay more attention to detail, allowing them to pluck potential […]

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Your Face is So Gay

Do you have “gaydar?” If you always wondered why you were able to “spot” somebody gay just by looking at their face, you’re not alone. A study done in February by Tuffs University demonstrated that […]

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FOF #1175 – Tom Goss and Jeremiah Clark Beautiful Love Songs

First he was a wrestler, then he almost became a priest, and now Tom Goss is one of the rising stars in the nation’s gay music scene. He’s touring the country with his musician pal Jeremiah Clark, and they made a quick stop on their way from Nashville all the way to Appleton, Wisconsin just to tape a show with us.

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Ricky Martin Can’t Escape People’s Gaydar for Too Long

Can celebrities elude the public’s “gaydar?” Check out Fausto Fernós’ opinions in Rex W. Huppke’s article in the Chicago Tribune.

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