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VIDEO: Glitter Queen Tutorial at DragCon NYC 2017

Everyone loves glitter makeup, but it’s not always easy to live your sparkle fantasy if you don’t have the right stuff.

Check out LA glitter queen Ramsey Aguilera as she showcases Lip Kandy’s glitter makeup tools and gemstones at RuPaul’s DragCon NYC 2017.

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The War on Glitter

Theres less than dazzling news for the Glitteratti. Glitter Bombing is now illegal, thanks to a  lackluster law signed by Obama (H.R. 347), which makes it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain […]

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BREAKING: Ron Paul Glitter Dusted

 And then there were four.. On Monday,  Ron Paul was lightly dusted with glitter after a campaign rally at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Glitterati Mastermind, Robert Erickson (aka Nick Espinosa of Barbarian Fame) posted “Housing […]

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Glitter Watch: Mitt Romney

Mit Romney was glitter bombed twice on Tuesday in Minnesota, the glitter bombing capitol of the nation by 2 members of the Glitteratti and Occupy Minneapolis, . Romney’s wife and son brushed sparkles from his jacket […]

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FOF #1504 – Trends and Predictions for 2012

Last year people took glitter to a whole new level by updating the pie-in-the-face prank with Glitter Bombs, an arts and crafts attack against douchey politicians and pundits.

Listen as we talk about what 2012 will be like by looking at the events and trends that made the headlines last year with artist Marsian DeLellis.

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Trendpocalpyse 2012

With the end of the Mayan calendar, will 2012 be the end of trends? The uncooling of cool? Or a glittery new beginning? Join me, Marsian as I look back on 2011 to extrapolate on what will be big in 2012.

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ETSYLEAKS BOMBSHELL: Glitter’s Not-So-Sparkling History

Glitter has been around a long time, long before obscure gay holidays or the current rash of glitter bombings that have dazzled the nation in its wake of sparkles.  Etsy’s All that Glitters: The History of […]

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FOF #1496 – Exotic Gay Supper Clubs and Glittery Foods

Underground dining is hot right now as it gives people a chance to try out exciting new cuisine while meeting interesting folks in an intimate setting.

Today Mikey Corona and Brian Riggenbach, the gay couple behind YoSoy, one of Chicago’s most popular underground supper clubs and certainly the most gay talk about strange and exotic Mexican foods, dating, supper clubs and edible glitter.

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VIDEO: Feel the Rainbow Glitter Bomb

Anti-gay congressman Paulsen got glitter bombed at a Minnesota Faith and Freedom Coalition strategy session by Michael Cahill. Karl Rove later got a face full of glittet too. –read more

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VIDEO: Sesame Street Does Glee and the Letter “G”

Sesame Street parodies the TV show Glee to teach us about the letter “G” which starts the words gasp, gorgeous and glitter.

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