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VIDEO: Watch Clint Eastwood’s Bizarre Surprise Speech at the Republican National Convention

Dirty Harry finally met his match: an empty chair. As a suprise speaker at the GOP convention, Clint Eastwood carried on an imaginary conversation with an invisible President Obama seated in a chair next to […]

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The War on Glitter

Theres less than dazzling news for the Glitteratti. Glitter Bombing is now illegal, thanks to a  lackluster law signed by Obama (H.R. 347), which makes it a federal offense to cause a disturbance at certain […]

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BREAKING: Ron Paul Glitter Dusted

 And then there were four.. On Monday,  Ron Paul was lightly dusted with glitter after a campaign rally at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Glitterati Mastermind, Robert Erickson (aka Nick Espinosa of Barbarian Fame) posted “Housing […]

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Log Cabin Republicans to Hold Tea Bag Toss

“Participants will purchase a tea bag and win a prize if they can successfully throw it through the open mouth of one of three politicians on the game board,” the group said in a press release.

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