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FOF #1421 – Social Media Anxiety Disorder

Last month, Google launched with great fanfare, its third attempt at social media- Google+, waving goodbye to Google Wave and swatting Google Buzz.

Today comedian and tech pundit Heather Gold joins us to take a look at all the new social networks that are cropping up to compete with Facebook and
why LGBT folks understand social media and SEO more than anyone else.

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FOF #1356 – Collaboration is the Future of the Internet

The future of the Internet belongs to websites that allow interesting folks to do interesting things together, whether it’s for sex, politics, art or just trolling around.

Today comedian Heather Gold joins us to take a look at some new sites for collaborating and how the Internet is changing the way we relate to each other.

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FOF #1159 – Heather Gold Is Gay for the Internet

Today we kick off our series of interviews from deep in the heart of Texas in Austin during SXSW with comedian Heather Gold.

Listen as Heather talks with us about her talk show Tummelvision, the queering of this year’s conference, how Sarah Palin works the internet and why entertainers need social media to keep their audience.

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