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FOF #2991 – 16 Years of Lady Bunny on Feast of Fun

Sixteen years ago on Feast of Fun, Bunny was one of our first guests on the podcast and it’s been a thrill over the years as she returns time and time again to crack us up with stories of being a baby drag queen with RuPaul, founding Wigstock and her love of the peen.

Today Lady Bunny joins us to take a look back at 16 years of being a guest on Feast of Fun and her own roller coaster ride of fame, fortune and fanatics.

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FOF #2886 – Podcast Pizza Party

With the weekend coming up, we thought today we’d kick back, put a pizza in the oven and take a look at the goodies from the week and all the hot news–

A medical miracle: doctors grow a dong on a man’s arm to replace it.

Jennifer Hudson wows the internet with her powerful and dizzying musical tribute to the late Civil Rights Leader John Lewis.

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FOF #1576 – No RuPologies

The wait is finally over. RuPaul finally crowned the spooky kooky Sharon Needles as America’s Next Drag Superstar, and crowds in gay bars across the nation cheered like people at the Superbowl.

BUT! Did you know Sharon Needles and her mom almost got thrown in jail on the night of the ceremony? Listen as we discuss the finale of RuPauls’ Drag Race and Sharon Needles’ hilarious but shocking story.

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FOF #922 – Superbowl XL Ay, Ay, Ay!

It’s Superbowl XL ay ay ay! Andale, arriba! Today we celebrate Feast of Fools as we enter our fifth year of podcasting. Yes folks, its been that long! Our first podcast in 2005 examined the […]

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