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VIDEO: Oprah Beats Up an Old Woman On Jimmy Kimmel

Yes, that really is Oprah beating up an old lady. Don’t worry, I’m sure it was a stunt-granny. On Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar show, Jimmy pitched new show ideas to Oprah for her struggling OWN network, […]

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The One Where David Arquette’s on Grindr

Courteney Cox thought David Arquette might be hooking up with gay men when she discovered he had downloaded Grindr on iTunes. After confronting Arquette, “C’mon buddy, I wouldn’t be mad,” Cox went on Jimmy Kimmel […]

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VIDEO: Britney Spears & Jimmy Kimmel Get Tattoos

Then Brit performs her new single “Till The World Ends” live! Well, at least the audience was live.

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VIDEO: Charlie Sheen Locks Lips With Jimmy Kimmel

Kimmel immediately OD’s on lethal combo of Tiger Blood, Cocaine Residue and Goddess Juice.

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VIDEO: Tom Hanks and Toddlers and Tiaras

Tom Hanks pushes his kid to be the winner of the Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Pageant on Jimmy Kimmel.

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FOF #817 – Dog Clone Lady

Some guys just know how to take a good photo. As I was walking around Market Days this weekend, I asked a hunk in his swimming trunks to pose for me and usually most hunks […]

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