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VIDEO: Find Out What JLo Wants to Do Now That She’s Divorcing Marc Anthony

Of all things, this is not what I expected to hear from JLo. But to each their own.

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VIDEO: Jlo Uses ”American Idol” to Relaunch Her Career

Jlo premiered “On the Floor” last night on AI. Swarovski crystal earrings…Really? How presh.

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FOF #1172 – Live to Tell

People are hard-wired to learn through storytelling. Stories connect us to each other and tap into our deep past. Today writer Keith Ecker joins us to talk about the art of storytelling.

But before we start the show we can’t keep our eyes off the video roulette! Listen as we cajole an anonymous stud in West Hollywood to climax for you. Plus a tell-all book on Oprah Winfrey, Elizabeth Taylor tweets, J-Lo loves to pander to drag queens and a 40 year old man gets his 12 year old daughter to help him exercise nude.

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JLo Makes Sue Her Wardrobe Is Drag Queen Safe

JENNIFER LOPEZ considers the drag queens who mimic her when picking out outfits – because she wants to make sure they look good. –Read More

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